Prerequisites: Complete the Getting Started steps 1-5; Create an Alteryx Analytics Gallery Account
Target Audience: This class is for Beginner to Intermediate level Alteryx Designer Users and is appropriate for anyone working with data regardless of their analytical background.
Cost: $750
Duration: 1 day

Through lecture and hands-on labs this class provides the building blocks required to complete more complex analytical tasks with Alteryx Designer. You'll gain a thorough understanding of important concepts that enable you to prepare, parse, blend, transform, and analyze data from disparate sources and output results.

By the end of this class you will:

  • Understand Alteryx Designer terminology
  • Easily navigate the Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Become familiar with Designer User and Workflow Settings
  • Be able to share and save workflows
  • Understand how Designer processes data
  • Connect to and update data sources:
    • Files and databases
    • Dynamically load Excel Spreadsheets
    • Bulk load text-based files such as CSV
    • Write back to the original data source
  • Order and sample records
  • Rename fields manually and dynamically
  • Detect and change field data types manually and automatically
  • Filter records and use conditional expression to update/add fields
  • Blend data from disparate sources:
    • Append records from different sources
    • Merge records from different sources on key fields
    • Add fields from one data set to all records in another
  • Pivot data
  • Group and Bin Records
  • Aggregate data
  • Build expressions to add and update fields, by performing basic calculations
    • Replacing text within a field
    • Using string length and positions
    • Parse data from one field into multiple fields
  • Work with date/time fields
  • Output data to different file formats

*** Note: Classes must have a minimum of 4 registrations two weeks prior to the session or it may be cancelled. Please do not book travel until you have confirmation that the class will be held as scheduled.***

Classroom Training Registration:

Alteryx Core Concepts - Presented by Icimo

Cary, North Carolina
August 23, 2017
9:00 - 5:00 EDT


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