Practical Applications of Data in Politics with Alteryx and Amazon Web Services

It goes without saying, we live in a very data-rich age.  In the political arena, sophisticated analytic firms like Deep Root manage and analyze an ever-growing list of data sources to project voter turnout and predict vote choice.  To do this, they must first access and acquire the data, and then build complex data blending and analysis workflows to turn a variety of unlinked data sources into a single, actionable database of information. Only then can they decide which voters to speak with, with what message and through which media.

Register now to learn how Alteryx, Amazon Web Services, and Deep Root Analytics work together to leverage numerous data sources to quickly deliver critical insights.

You will learn how to:

Quickly blend and analyze data from all sources - cloud and local

Apply predictive and geo-spatial analytics to big data

Enable data analysts with the cloud computing power of Amazon Web Services

Empower the organization at large with analytic visualizations from Tableau

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