Join us for a Live Webinar:

Thursday 6 June 2019
12:00 - 13:00 BST

EDF Energy supplies around 5 million UK residential and business accounts with electricity or gas. The Finance function had been using an Oracle SQL based system to calculate, analyse and provide insight on their Gross Margin. The system had grown to thousands of lines of SQL code in over 1,000 scripts. More challenging, the code was created offshore and maintained via complicated change requests. This limited the transparency of the models and created a long backlog which made it difficult to keep up with business change.

The team wanted to increase the transparency, increase the speed of change and remove the handover to coders in the process. Luckily, they discovered Alteryx, whose drag-and-drop workflows – no coding required – are enabling Finance to write their own models and increase their speed of change. Their new calculation has been recreated in 140 Alteryx workflows, which can be understood across analysts and business stakeholders, and visually show the high-level design. Changes can be completed faster and the team can work in a much more agile manner.

Join Javier Cuadriello-Rodriguez, Program Manager at EDF Energy, to learn how he implemented Alteryx to:

  • Analyse large amounts of data, with increased granularity, to provide additional insights on business profitability
  • Enable his finance team to create and maintain the finance models themselves, and make the models transparent to more stakeholders
  • Increase speed of change



Javier Cuadriello-Rodriguez
Javier Cuadriello-Rodriguez
Programme Manager Finance Transformation & Finance Analytics Data Platform
EDF Energy

"Alteryx est intuitif et interactif ... a pris moins de 60 secondes pour obtenir la même sortie qui a pris des heures auparavant."


David Algranati
SVP Innovation produit et recherche personnalisée chez Rentrak