Alteryx & DVW SAP Connector: Free up your time when extracting data from SAP into Alteryx

Is your company running on SAP? If yes, how much time do you spend preparing and cleansing data from it? Business users need fast and easy access to business critical data to make reasonable predictions and decisions. As an analyst, you want to easily blend data from SAP with other datasets to provide a broader context for analysis.

Watch this webinar and find out how the DVW SAP integration with Alteryx helps you to analyse your data faster, easier, in a fully automated way, and without requiring an installation on SAP or setting up an SAP GUI on your desktop.

During the webinar you will learn how to connect directly to multiple SAP systems and extract data from:

 SAP Business Suite Tables (e.g. from SAP ECC, SAP CRM etc.)

 SAP BW Queries and Views

 SAP BW InfoProviders (such as InfoCubes, MultiProviders and InfoSets)

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Managing Director
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