Prepare large volumes of cloud data faster with in-database blending

Data analysts are now being faced with the challenge of integrating and analyzing rapidly growing amounts of cloud data. The solution? In-database blending, the ability to process massive of amounts of data without having to move it to your desktop.

In-database blending with Alteryx solves slow data blending problems by having Amazon Redshift do the hard work of preparing very large datasets, dramatically reducing the time to create analytical datasets. Read this paper to understand how Alteryx delivers:

  • Access to Amazon Redshift for analysts
  • Data blending of any source with data stored in Redshift
  • Faster time to achieve the perfect dataset for analytics

A solution to slow and tedious high volume data blending using Amazon Redshift and Alteryx could be easier than you think. Download our whitepaper now to learn how you could be quickly deploying a powerful cloud based instance for data blending and advanced analytics.


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