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Alteryx Product Certification Exam Registration



Prove your technical expertise with the Alteryx platform with product certification.

If you are a Partner seeking  Partner Technical Certification, please do not register via this form. Email to request Partner Technical Certification exam access. 

Exams are offered every month. Register today, and you will be enrolled to complete the exam during the next calendar month.

** You may only register for one exam per month**

**If you have not taken an exam before, you must start with the 'core' certification**

Cost = FREE

Exam Format: Multiple Choice

What to expect:

  • On the first of the month, you will receive an email from with a link to your exam.
  • You will have the entire calendar month to complete the exam.
  • You will not be able to exit and restart the exam - you must finish in one session.
  • Exam pass/fail results will be provided immediately.
  • If a fail result is achieved, you may retake the exam two more times before the end of the month. If needed, you may register for the next month's exam.
  • If a passing grade is achieved, you will be sent a PDF certificate of your certification level.
Questions? Please email