Download the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit

The Visual Analytics Kit contains key analytic applications, visualizations, and tutorial information. With the Visual Analytics Kit you get:

  • A series of Alteryx modules that perform Advanced Data Blending, Data Transposing, Polygon Creation for Tableau, Multi-channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis, and Survey Cleanup.
  • A set of Tableau workbooks that provide pre-configured visualizations for each of these Alteryx modules
  • Multiple videos that demonstrate how these modules work
  • Some stunning visualizations provided by Stephen McDaniel, author of “The Accidental Analyst” and “Rapid Graphs with Tableau”
  • The first four chapters of “Rapid Graphs with Tableau”

You can use these modules with a free download of Alteryx Trial to modify them and incorporate your own data.

Download the Visual Analytics Kit now!

Download the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit!