Online Event Invitation: Analytic Independence

Join us for this free on-demand event to learn how to gain analytic independence from brittle spreadsheets, complex code writing, and reliance on other departments to prepare the data you need for analysis.


  • Analytic Independence Overview
    Hear how Alteryx empowers data analysts to blend and analyze all relevant data, quickly and easily
  • Deeper Business Insight with Alteryx at Delhaize America
    Learn about the significant time savings and new insights that Mandy Gray is delivering with Alteryx at Delhaize America
  • Applying Analytic Independence: Use Cases and Demo
    Get a practical overview of how Alteryx delivers analytic independence with the following three use cases:
    • Blending data from any source
    • Preparing data for visualization
    • Adding predictive and spatial analytics

Why Should You Attend?

Learn how you can:

  • Access, cleanse and join data in any format from nearly any source
  • Prepare data for reports, presentations, visualization, or downstream processes
  • Create an intuitive workflow to document and automate data manipulation tasks

The practical and educational benefits of attending this on-demand event will help you advance your analytics expertise, and show you how to deliver faster and deeper business insights.

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Mandy Gray Mandy Gray
Manager of GeoAnalytics
Delhaize America
George Mathew George Mathew
President and COO
Rod Light Rod Light
Customer Success Manager

"Alteryx is intuitive and interactive… took under 60 seconds to get the same output that took hours before."


David Algranati
SVP Product Innovation and Custom Research at Rentrak