10 Facts About The State of Data Analytics in Europe

How much is data driving decisions today? Alteryx recently surveyed senior business stakeholders across Europe to ask about their attitudes about data and analytics.

The findings of the survey were summarised in the Business Grammar Research Report, which explores how data is accessed and harnessed, the expectations around decision making, and how important data proficiency really is to the modern business world.

Here's a sneak peek to some of the key findings:

 96% use data and analytics to inform business decisions today;

 59% of European business leaders consider data and analytics savviness to be one of the two most important skills for new employees;

 Data and analytics skills are now considered more important than industry experience or a second language.

Alteryx EMEA VP, Stuart Wilson, Tableau Technical Evangelist, Andy Cotgreave, Nick Sami, Head of Client Solutions & Visualisation at Annalect, Omnicom Media Group and Simon Hayter, Chief Analytics Officer at Close Brothers will share their viewpoints on the 10 most remarkable findings from the report and discuss their predictions on the future of data analytics.

Watch this webinar and be part of an exclusive debate on data analytics.

You can download the full Business Grammar Research Report here.

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Andy Cotgreave Andy Cotgreave
Technical Evangelist
Simon Hayter Simon Hayter
Chief Analytics Officer
Close Brothers
Nick Sami Nick Sami
Head of Client Solutions & Visualisation, Annalect Group
Annalect Group
Stuart Wilson Stuart Wilson