Improving Capacity and Financial Planning — A Guide to Business Forecasting with Alteryx

Capital Group

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In no industry is predicting the future more important than in financial management. But to do it well, investment advisors and financial planners often need advanced degrees in mathematics or statistics. But not if they use Alteryx.

In this session, learn how The Capital Group leverages predictive analytics in Alteryx to improve capacity and financial planning by:

  • Developing models to help identify which variables can be used to accurately predict work and business volumes
  • Choosing the right predictive analytics tool for the job, including classical regression methods, machine learning algorithms, and time-series analysis

When you watch this on-demand video, you’ll understand how The Capital Group is using time-series forecasting as well as the factors you should consider in implementing your own forecasting applications.

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Samuel Thomas Samuel Thomas
Senior Business Information Analyst
Capital Group Companies
Rob Poidomani Rob Poidomani
Information Delivery Manager
Capital Group Companies