Transforming a Mountain into a Molehill: Alteryx Self-Service Analytics and Tableau Visualization

Charles Schwab

Watch this On-Demand Session from Inspire 2016:

In large companies, disparate data—and lots of it—is the norm, not the exception. So how do you convert long days of data manipulation into minutes and hours of laborious work into seconds of effort?

In this session, you’ll see how Charles Schwab is using Alteryx to transform a mountain of work into a molehill by:

  • Processing massive amounts of disparate data through a workflow that fuels a Tableau dashboard
  • Empowering users from executive leadership to front-end staff to visually navigate their data with ease and fluidity
  • Empower users across the organization with faster insights and capabilities that they didn’t think were possible before

When you watch this on-demand session, you’ll see how Schwab was able to create and deploy the first of many analytic workflows in less than 16 hours. What’s more, you'll leave this session feeling passionately inquisitive and creatively inspired to start your own Alteryx journey.

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Jack Morgan Jack Morgan
Manager, Project Management and Business Intelligence
Charles Schwab