Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop

With a growing number of organizations deploying Hadoop-based enterprise data hubs, data analysts are faced with the task of analyzing valuable but massive amounts of data. However moving data is resource intensive, time-consuming, and can affect the chain of custody. Alteryx tackles this problem by accessing Cloudera for in-Hadoop processing – enabling fast data blending where the data lives. Download the whitepaper to learn how Alteryx and Cloudera help data analysts:

  • Blend structured and semi-structured data, as well as data from local or cloud data sources in Cloudera
  • Apply advanced R-based predictive analytics, no coding required, as well as geo-spatial analytics
  • Output Tableau or Qlik file formats back to Cloudera for access through Cloudera’s Tableau and Qlik integration

Read on to see how your time to analytic insight can improve dramatically with powerful processing of massive datasets in-Hadoop.


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