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Consumer insights are often driven by customer analytics, from acquisition to segmentation to lifetime value. But regardless of your focus, performing customer analytics shouldn’t require hours of data preparation and blending, niche tools, manual coding or specialized skills.

The Alteryx Customer Analytics Starter Kit allows you to start performing customer analytics faster, with key templates, as well as step-by-step interactive guides for building out customer insights.

“I'm also excited about the comprehensive view of customers that we have by connecting to many different data sources from across all the different lines of businesses and then presenting that view back in impactful dashboards to our business leaders so they can have a complete understanding.” – Jason Mack, VP of customer and marketing analytics, JP Morgan Chase

The Alteryx Customer Analytics Starter Kit delivers seven key templates that you can learn from, and then use with your own data.

This Kit will help you:

  • Understand customer sentiment quickly by ingesting, parsing and preparing survey data
  • Analyze customer and lifetime value by segmenting data based on spend, number of visits, and geographic location
  • Optimize customer acquisition, marketing, and programs by analyzing channel specific data
  • Expand your skillset and build predictive customer response & price elasticity models
  • Maximize your insight infrastructure by showing you how to easily output this data to Tableau or Microsoft Power BI

Faster customer analytics is within reach, all you have to do is download the guided Customer Analytics Starter Kit and empower yourself to perform deeper insights without having to wait on other departments. Download the free Alteryx Customer Analytics Starter Kit and get started today.

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