Preparing Your Data for Qlik®

Are you an analyst using Qlik and spending the majority of your time preparing your dataset? Would you prefer to spend your time doing the analysis instead of the prep?

Watch our on-demand virtual lab using Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Qlik. Follow along with our expert guide to see how easily you can prepare your data for Qlik in a tenth of the time.

In this virtual lab you will learn:

  • Data Preparation: How to access, integrate, cleanse and enrich your datasets from a full range of sources, and automatically get it ready for QlikView® or Qlik®  Sense.
  • Advanced Analytics: How to give your data analytical context by providing statistical, predictive, and deep geo-spatial analytics, from an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Qlik Integration: How to automatically create Qlik .QVX files directly from your Alteryx workflows.

Watch this on-demand virtual lab and learn how you can use Alteryx and Qlik to improve the data preparation and visualization capabilities in your organization while empowering data analysts to deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks.

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Preparing Your Data for Qlik® Webinar: