From Raw Data to Predictions: All in a Day's Work at S&P Global

Predictive analytics can be challenging and complex, often requiring disconnected tools and a variety of programming environments to blend data from disparate sources, build predictive models and then seamlessly deploy them so they can drive real business value.

Watch this webinar and learn how to simplify and automate the end-to-end workflow for predictive analytics:

Democratization: Self-service data prep, blending and advanced analytics for all users with no coding required

Speed: Faster time to value from machine learning and analytics in hours, not months

Accuracy: Make predictions from the perfect datasets and the most accurate models

Watch this webinar to see how the Alteryx Connector for DataRobot helps you build better predictive models and deploy them for business benefit.

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Mark Haydoutov Mark Haydoutov
Head of Advanced Analytics
S&P Global
Greg Michaelson Greg Michaelson
Data Scientist
Gene Rinas Gene Rinas
Sr. Solutions Engineer