Recent research from the IDC found that 54 million data workers worldwide spent 44% of their workday on unsuccessful data activities. Sound familiar?

Now is the time to transform your analytic processes and solve your biggest data challenges. For the month of May, Alteryx is offering you an extended one-month license and free, dedicated training and consulting so that you can unleash new possibilities and become an unstoppable analyst.

What is the Alteryx Guided Trial Program?

The Alteryx Guided Trial Program gives AphA members opportunity to explore the Alteryx platform, identify opportunities for success, and test Alteryx across your business.

The program includes:

  • A free one-month Alteryx license – giving you full access to the Alteryx platform
  • A dedicated Alteryx expert available for 1:1 consulting sessions throughout your discovery journey
  • Access to all Alteryx training and enablement, both live and on-demand

The program will:

  • Enable you to determine if Alteryx is a good fit for your business needs
  • Identify Alteryx users and use cases that can impact both efficiency and revenue
  • Explore data exercises that you cannot currently achieve with your existing technologies
  • Provide 1:1 support to help you build a business case for Alteryx within your organisation

Get Started

Step 1: Complete the form on this page to enrol in the AphA Guided Trial Program

Step 2: Your Alteryx account manager will be in touch within 24 hours to set you up with your free one-month license and book your first 1:1 consulting session

Step 3: Complete the Guided Trial Program and review your progress



Michael Ray
Account Executive
[email protected]
Gwen Ip
Account Executive
Hong Kong
[email protected]
Tatyana Elanova
Account Executive
[email protected]
Yohei Kawamura
Account Executive
[email protected]
Sein chyi Woo
Solutions Engineer
[email protected]
Michael Utama
Solutions Engineer
[email protected]

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