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Using predictive analytics tools doesn’t have to be the sole domain of data scientists. Alteryx makes predictive analytics and applying machine learning more accessible and more agile.Watch our webinar as we dive right into predictive attributing ROI from trade promotions within the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Nikhil Agarwal from Factspan will walk you through a study of a Marketing team from a CPG company using analytics to determine the effectiveness of its trade promotions carried out in stores.

Learn How To:

Build a trade promotion model in Alteryx using Regression analysis

Attribute the effect of each trade promotion factor

Understand how CPG companies measure the impact of different trade promotions across different stores and geography

Strategize promotions according to data and results

Watch to learn how to spend less time on the menial and more time on the meaningful. It’s time we make data our friend and unleash the thrill inherent in solving problems.

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Nikhil_Agarwal Nikhil Agarwal
Engagement Manager
Jacob Barr Scott Trauthen
Marketing Director
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