Faster Insights with Data Blending


Analysts in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations often have access to critical data but either don't have the right tools, or time to wait on IT to blend data from multiple sources. This whitepaper outlines the data blending challenges business analysts face and how Alteryx can help overcome these, resulting in better business decisions.

Download this whitepaper and learn how Schneider Electric, Experian Marketing Services, and Southern States Cooperative are utilizing data blending in Alteryx to:

  • Cleanse, prepare and join all of their relevant data
  • Include new sources of customer insight, such as demographics and social media
  • Perform sophisticated analysis on this blended data, and repeat the process easily as any data changes

"Our analysts are doing less low-value work and more high value, satisfying work, which keeps them energized and produces a greater return on investment of time for the company."

—Tom Sturgeon, Director of Business Analytics, IT Business at Schneider Electric US

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