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Gymshark is the fitness apparel brand raising the bar in a hugely competitive industry – and they couldn’t do it without self-service data science and analytics. Tracking and measuring millions of highly engaged social media followers, influencers and customers in 131 countries is a vital part of Gymshark’s success.

Watch Samantha Robbins, Customer Insight Analyst, and Alex Gray, Head of Customer Analytics, to learn how they are using Alteryx to energise their analytics.

You will learn how to:

Seamlessly connect to and blend data sets to identify new versus returning customers

Use APIs to pair Alteryx with external data sources to monitor affiliate partners

Speed up validation of purchases made through affiliate links to determine commissions paid to affiliate partners

Identify underperforming items and decide which affiliate partner is best to promote these items

Utilise Alteryx spatial analytics tools to determine where the highest concentrations of customers are for pop-up shops and events

Watch this on demand webinar and learn how you can achieve your analytics personal best.





Alex Gray Alex Gray
Head of Customer Analytics
Samantha Robbins Samantha Robbins
Customer Insight Analyst
Carl Bradbrook Carl Bradbrook
Principal Director
Javelin Group
Joe Lipski Joe Lipski
Associate Director
Javelin Group