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Data Science helps answer some of the most basic - and the most complex - business questions. In this latest Data Science Central webinar you will learn how to get data down to a science with code-free and code-friendly self-service analytics platforms. Decisive Data’s Lead Data Scientist Tessa Jones will use a sample data set from a global corporation to answer some of the most common data science questions applicable across businesses.

Learn how to use code-free and code-friendly Machine Learning:

Dive – Swim in the data and dive into a few common business questions with answers in data science including demand forecasting and customer segmentation.

Build – Walk through two data science models including code-free time series and clustering machine learning models.

Customize – Implement custom R code into models.

Refine – Enhance your methods with rapid self-service techniques.

Display – Creatively display information visually in Tableau and tell a story that makes the findings clear and captivating using the Art + Data methodology.

Tell your data story and discover the real possibilities with available actionable data science techniques.

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Tessa Jones Tessa Jones
Lead Data Scientist
Decisive Data
Scott-Trauthen Scott-Trauthen
Director of Marketing


Bill Vorhies  Bill Vorhies
Editorial Director
Data Science Central