How Alteryx Processes Data


Today’s decision making process require speed to insights, and with the influx of data, it is important to have the right technology that can handle the analytic requirements. Alteryx provides the analytics engine to help organizations eliminate their reliance on legacy tools, and restrictions that slow down the decision making process. Alteryx processes data in a unique way, leveraging a combination of in-memory and in-database processing to optimize data blending and analytics.

Download our new whitepaper to learn how Alteryx processes data ranging from a million rows of data in Excel all the way up to Petabytes of data, in seconds and minutes. This whitepaper outlines how Alteryx:

Uses in-memory processing to quickly and efficiently handle data

Leverages in-database processing, empowers you to harness the power of your data warehouse without having to write SQL

Respects IT needs regarding data governance while still enabling analysts access to the data they need

Learn how Alteryx provide self-service data analytics that enables users to easily and efficiently access, prepare, blend and analyze data without running into processing latency.

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