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How I Did It: Unleashing the Inner Citizen Data Scientist

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Gartner predicts that today’s data analysts will be poised to become tomorrow’s Citizen Data Scientists and will be instrumental to organisations in delivering broader and a more sophisticated range of analytics capabilities.

Bob Peers, IT Business Consultant at IC Group teaches you the core skills needed to unleash your inner Citizen Data Scientist! Watch how to make the leap from simple ad-hoc reports into advanced analytics – taking your knowledge and influence across your organisation to the next level.

In this event Bob will share how he’s been able to independently:

Derive key insights from structured and unstructured data sources

Perform in-depth sentiment analysis and consumer service analysis

Implement Market Basket Analysis to calculate affinity measures for products

Combine online and offline sales data without a location intelligence background or tools


Delivering high-value analytics is key to the future contributions of analysts. Analysts that embrace the evolution of becoming a Citizen Data Scientist will have a major competitive advantage, and will be the driving force in delivering transformation change within their organisations.

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Robert Peers Robert Peers
IT Business Consultant
IC Group
Philip Mørch Philip Mørch
Sales Director