Data CAN Make a Difference: Linking Alteryx and Tableau to Aid Socially Disadvantaged Populations

 ICF International

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Tabular data formats and structures are often difficult to digest and can obscure fundamental, much less interesting, data points and key findings. And when these findings could help provide necessary aid and services to underprivileged and disadvantaged populations, understanding their meaning becomes more critical.

In this session, learn how ICF International harnesses the power of Alteryx and Tableau to shorten development time and provide innovative solutions to its clients by:

  • Providing value through all layers of the analytics value chain- from data consumption to data metrics
  • Identifying economically disadvantaged populations that can be targeted for better Federal support before, during, and after natural disasters.
  • Developing national marketing and outreach campaigns for public health issues (e.g., HIV/AIDS prevention, diabetes prevention, and tobacco use cessation)

When you view this on-demand session, you’ll understand all the ways ICF is using Alteryx and Tableau to help its customers with complex social issues.

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Kyle Tuberson Kyle Tuberson
Director of Data Analytics
ICF International