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Data Discovery and Cataloging


Data information management solutions that allow for discovery aren’t new. Organizations have been using spreadsheets, commercial and bespoke solutions to manually track data origins, define business terms, manage ownership, and usage information. The current state of data intelligence and knowledge is costing people time, and organizations money.

Data cataloging software solutions are emerging, automating the process, protecting data, applying machine learning, and turning to the team for added context. Download this illustrative IDC InfoBrief to skim, absorb, or immerse yourself in research identifying the current and future state of data discovery and cataloging.

Learn All About:

Present data discovery and cataloging practices among organizations and data professionals

Top 5 current realities of using manual solutions like spreadsheets

Top 5 important attributes to emerging data software solutions

Recommendations and benefits in future data discovery methods

IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Alteryx,
The State of Data Discovery and Cataloging, January 2018.

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