Alteryx Analytics 9.0
Analytics in the Hands of Every Analyst

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Alteryx Analytics 9.0 puts the power of the new world of customer data and predictive analytics into the hands of every analyst so they will never have to wait on data scientists and other specialized analytics staff again.

In this webinar you’ll see the unveiling of Alteryx Analytics 9.0, and how its intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics can help you:

  • Make bigger decisions about your customers with connectors to new sources of customer insight
  • Scale analytics to support every need and every analyst, with the ability to handle sophisticated, Enterprise-class analysis requirements
  • Unchain data isolated in legacy analytics platforms such as SAS and SPSS, and easily blend it with the rest of your data
  • Prepare your data for visualization in QlikView and Tableau


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Bob Laurent

Tim Shea

Bob Laurent
Director of Industry Marketing


Tim Shea
Sales Engineer