Drive Inspiration from Alteryx to Achieve your Career Aspirations


Watch this On-Demand Session from Inspire 2016:

Can a software application alter how you see the world, how you solve problems, and what you can achieve as person, professional, or a company? Apparently, it can.

In this session, you’ll see how Jed Klink, a 23-year retail site selection and real estate strategy veteran employee at McDonald’s Corporation, leveraged Alteryx to improve trade areas and drive his career aspirations by:

  • Simplifying a process that incorporated five different systems and sources to deliver custom trade areas and sales forecasting to improve the business
  • Dramatically improving his analytical capabilities and personal productivity
  • Broadening his knowledge and influence in other areas of the company

After watching this on-demand session, you’ll understand not only how Klink leveraged Alteryx in restaurant development but also in driving his professional and personal growth.

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Jed Klink Jed Klink
Manager, Worldwide Development Strategy and Analytics
McDonald's Corporation