Case Study: Scaling Data Preparation for Faster Insights

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Companies are always looking for ways to improve the way they work with data. The ability to build out a workflow, automate the data blending and preparation, and then analyze everything at scale has become very important. Reducing the time it takes to generate strategic insights and analyzing everything at scale in a high-performance environment ultimately leads to improved performance and profitability for the business.

Watch this webinar to learn how VeraData is utilizing the combined power of Alteryx and Microsoft Azure to:

  • Prepare and cleanse data in 1/10th of the time by simplifying repetitive data preparation tasks
  • Create and share datasets faster using repeatable and automated workflows
  • Scale and deliver data output in less time by leveraging the massively parallel processing power of the cloud

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Conor Robinson Conor Robinson
Chief Product Officer
Andris Ezerins Andris Ezerins
EVP Operations
Dan Ganancial Dan Ganancial
Product & Alliance Marketing Manager
Gil Isaacs Gil Isaacs
Azure Platform Architect
Microsoft Azure
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Solutions Engineer