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As your organization grows, so do your analytic needs. However, with this growth comes new challenges for data analysts. Disparate data types, multiple data sources, and the need to support multiple business units with data analytics can be overwhelming. With Alteryx, analysts can dramatically reduce the time to create these analytical datasets in order to fuel stronger Microsoft Power BI visualizations. With less time spent gathering and preparing data, more time can be spent visualizing the data to generate deeper data-driven insights.

Alteryx provides the data analyst with a way to:
  • Access all the data needed for visualizations and quickly blend disparate data
  • Clean data in a simple, intuitive workflow and operationalize the data preparation process
  • Perform advanced analytics such as predictive and geo-spatial analysis -- no coding required
  • Incorporate sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction using Azure Machine Learning Text Analytics
  • Output data directly into Power BI to create rich dashboards, visualizations and reports

The Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft contains key analytic workflows, visualizations, and tutorial information to get you started with Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI. Download the free Starter Kit today!

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Alteryx Analytic Templates for Microsoft