Exponential Process Acceleration Using Alteryx


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How do you collect and analyze more than tens of millions of point-of-sale transactions in an efficient and timely manner so you can accelerate business processes?

In this session, you’ll learn how Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. (MPA), one of North America’s largest remanufacturers and suppliers of underhood and undercar replacement parts, is using Alteryx to exponentially speed its business processes by:

  • Blending disparate data sources, such as POS transactions, 2+ Gigabyte databases, and Excel spreadsheets, in less than half the time of other tools
  • Helping customers analyze store delivery schedules to improve their market position and get the right products in the right places predictively
  • Producing actionable results and insights instead of spending hours cleansing and preparing data

When you watch this on-demand session, you’ll also see how Alteryx helped MPA get selected as vendor of the year and as product category manager for all of their major customers.

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Cathy Bridges Cathy Bridges
Senior Merchandising Analyst
Motorcar Parts of America