The National Trust Improves Data Driven Decisions with Alteryx and Tableau

The National Trust needed to analyse data from a wide variety of data sources such as donation lists, membership subscriptions, and transaction data, to gain a more granular view of customers and drive intelligent, informed decisions.

Join Dean Jones, Head of Data Science at the National Trust, as he highlights how combining Alteryx and Tableau has given his organisation greater access and understanding of its data, resulting in more data-driven decisions.

Attend this webinar to learn how Alteryx and Tableau have allowed the National Trust to:

  • Quickly cleanse and integrate various sources of data, including third-party data
  • Easily implement predictive models for churn reduction and cross-sell opportunities
  • Share results and present findings across the organisation

See how Alteryx and Tableau improve decision-making and productivity for the line of business analysts by delivering faster insights in hours, not weeks.


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Matt Madden
Director of Product Marketing


Dean Jones
Head of Data Science
The National Trust


Stephen Lindsay
Senior Data Scientist
The National Trust