Predictive Analytics for Supply Chain Management

The Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries are continuously looking to maximize margins across all aspects of their supply chain. Tight competition and increasing distribution costs can exert negative pressures on revenue, sink profits, or force companies to adopt unfavorable pricing strategies to keep pace with ever-evolving markets and consumer demands.

In this webinar, data experts from Keyrus will use Alteryx as an agile analytics platform and show how organizations can model their entire supply chain, identify cost and distribution bottlenecks, keep store shelves stocked with accurate forecasting, and model the cost-to-serve a product across dynamic and complex distribution systems.

Join us to discover how putting advanced analytics within reach of your organization can lead to disruptive and actionable insights for your business.

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Razvan Nistor Razvan Nistor
Managing Consultant, Head of Data Science
Scott Trauthen Scott Trauthen
Director, Channel Marketing