Faster Self-Service Analytics for Salesforce


Salesforce is the de facto CRM for most organizations today. The sales, marketing, and service data found in Salesforce often needs to be combined with other data sources for impactful business insights. Blending, enriching, and analyzing Salesforce data with other sources slows time to critical insights and saps productivity. The process is complicated even further when advanced analytics and visualizations need to be applied to the data. How can these analytic obstacles be overcome?

Drive faster self-service analytics for Salesforce by using Alteryx to:

Blend Salesforce data with other data sources in hours, not weeks

Deliver richer insights with enriched Salesforce data and advanced analytics – no coding required

Create workflows that produce the perfect dataset for visualization in Wave Analytics

Download now to learn how your analytics practice can have the right combination of ease of use and the ability to handle the most complex analysis. Start driving faster self-service analytics with Salesforce and Alteryx today.

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