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Sainsbury’s Alteryx journey began with blending data, building databases, applications and reporting to the wider business. Since then, they have evolved their Alteryx use cases to demystify Argos sales; connect into and plot sales data on a map; share data across the business (we were up and running in weeks, reporting on two sides of the business within property), and produce wider insights. Watch to learn from some of the first Alteryx adopters at Sainsbury’s, who are driving the thrill of solving bottom-up and top-down, as they share workflows and results for:

bullet Spatial analysis of geographic regions for two businesses, replacing a manual process and saving weeks
bullet An iterative macro that supported marketing with equipment delivery to erroneous locations
bullet The Blob tool, which supports using multiple excel templates within multiple applications
bullet And maybe even some unicorns

Don’t miss the rapid-fire Alteryx Q&A to round out this life-altering session.

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Samantha Hughes  Samantha Hughes
Analytical Systems Developer
Joe Serpis Joe Serpis
GIS Analyst
Tim Rains Tim Rains
Senior GIS Analyst