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Accelerate your self-service Salesforce analytics by adding Alteryx to the mix. By combining the power of Alteryx and Salesforce, analysts can:

  • Blend Salesforce data with other data sources – in hours, not weeks
  • Enrich Salesforce data with 3rd party segmentation data and apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics for richer insights
  • Create repeatable workflows that keep analytics current for visualization in Wave Analytics


The Alteryx Starter Kit for Salesforce contains popular pre-built analytic workflows that help uncover insights regarding account executive performance, customer segmentation, customer service levels by representative, prospect prioritization, and the health of your sales pipeline. The kit also provides corresponding output to Salesforce Wave Analytics, and the ability to modify workflows, incorporate your data, and uncover insights for your own organization.

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Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Salesforce