Using Data for Quantitative Marketing and CRM Enablement

Sally Beauty

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In the retail business, the customer is king—and the better you know your customer, the more successful your company will be. But with more and more customer data coming at you every day, how can you leverage the data to make timely and accurate business decisions?

In this session, you’ll learn how Sally Beauty is using Alteryx to gain important customer insights and improve customer loyalty by:

  • Mining data and creating usable workflows, allowing more consistent reporting and automatic scheduling
  • Performing sophisticated analysis and providing results to company leadership in a visual format, enabling them to easily understand the story told by the data and make better decisions
  • Leveraging data for quantitative marketing and CRM enablement

When you watch this on-demand session, you’ll learn how Sally Beauty’s CRM & Analytics team has transformed the company’s data analysis and reporting capabilities.

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Ryan Linders Ryan Linders
Vice President of CRM & Loyalty
Sally Beauty