Optimizing Analytical Insights, Data Security and Visualization


How do you gain visibility and insights from all your data when you are faced with analyzing over 4M records from 5 different systems? Learn how Erik Miller was tasked with analyzing Western Union’s information security measures and visualizing the data in Tableau. Challenged with over 500,000 locations and high volumes of data in Excel, Access, MySQL and more, the process initially took over 100 hours per month. Erik will show how he turned a 100 hour process into a 5 minute process while also:

 Seamlessly integrating 36 disparate data sources into Tableau, allowing him to tell a story with all available data

 Gaining analytical insight into risks posed by malicious insiders, hackers and uniformed users

 Building out a flexible and modular analytics program for quicker insights

Watch now to learn how you can streamline and improve your data preparation and analytics processes - leading to faster, deeper insights in Tableau.

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Erik Miller

Erik Miller
Sr. Systems Engineer Cyber Security Analytics
Western Union

Brian Dirking

Brian Dirking
Product Director