Driving Physician Launch Targeting with New Product Introduction at ZS Pharma, a Division of Astra Zeneca

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When introducing a new product in an underserved therapeutic area, and given the highly regulated nature of healthcare, physician segmentation and targeting enable pharmaceutical companies to hyper-focus sales and marketing messaging in order to drive product adoption and revenue.

In this presentation, learn how ZS Pharma, a division of Astra Zeneca, used data analytics to improve physician targeting in a new product introduction by:

  • Analyzing physician attributes regarding product and therapy needs, prescribing behavior, and market access constraints
  • Identifying the best customers to reach for promotional activity
  • Focusing on driving adoption at launch

When you watch this on-demand session, you’ll also learn how predictive analytics helped ZS Pharma hyper-focus the right message at the right frequency to the right customer.

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Varsha Damle Varsha Damle
Associate Director, Sales Effectiveness
ZS Pharma
Arul Chidambaram Arul Chidambaram
Analytics Consultant
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