Achieving Self-Service for Enterprise Data Analysts

Analysts and analytic leaders at world-class enterprises are embracing the self-service data analytics shift to answer the demands for faster and deeper insights, and more importantly setting themselves apart from their less enabled peers.


This whitepaper features:

  • Why enterprises are moving their processes to self-service models
  • A comparison of analytics platforms and capabilities
  • Case studies from Hyatt, JPMorgan Chase and Southwest Airlines

Read this whitepaper and see why the shift toward self-service data analytics is empowering leading analysts and analytic teams to improve processes, eliminate repetitive tasks, build better relationships with IT, and deliver deeper insights faster.

“We're empowered to work in a rapid prototyping environment and basically innovate with our data. We integrate across multiple domains, trying to answer complex business questions and seeing what insights we can glean from this discovery process.” - Preethi Elango, Business Consultant, Enterprise Data Strategy, Southwest Airlines

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