Activating Financial Analytics Using Alteryx

First Tech and Pluto7

Watch this On-Demand Session from Inspire 2015:

First Tech Federal Credit Union is taking a holistic approach to people, process, data and machines to transform their customer/member experience and effectively compete with larger financial institutions.

In this interactive on-demand session you will learn how they are using Alteryx to:

  • Create a lifetime value model to evaluate new customers
  • Blend various sources of core banking data to identify ideal customers
  • Identify new data models to use for investment and fraud detection

Join Naveen Jain, Director of Digital Analytics at First Tech Federal Credit Union, and Manju Devadas, Founder and CEO at Pluto7, as they detail how First Tech Federal Credit Union uses Alteryx to blend internal data, third party data, and predictive analytics, then display the results in Tableau.

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Naveen Jain Naveen Jain
Director of Digital Analytics
First Tech Federal Credit Union
Manju Davadas Manju Devadas
Founder and CEO