What is ADAPT?

ADAPT was built to engage, encourage, enable, and elevate individuals enduring the hardships of unemployment through the means of providing access to cutting edge analytic tools, an automation platform, learning resources, knowledge, and an entire Community of peers.

Through this program we hope to give you all the tools you’ll need in your next opportunity.

Do I qualify?

Have you found yourself heavily impacted by the state of your employment? If so, you are in the right place! For more information around eligibility please reference our ADAPT Program FAQ.


The entirely free program is three-part:

  • An introductory course to the world of data science
  • The fundamentals working with data
  • Data science foundational concepts

The entirety of the program could take 1 month if dedicated full-time to this opportunity but could last 3 or more month with an hour or two of study per day.

When do I receive my license?

After registering, you can get started right away. You will receive an Alteryx Designer license immediately. You can find it in your Download files. You should expect an extended license key via e-mail in 1-2 business days.