What do I get?

Our program for Independent Learners is set up to help you reskill for a competitive advantage in the job market:

  • Get hands-on practice and certification with cutting-edge technology already in use at thousands of companies worldwide
  • Access education licenses for data analytics tools and an automation platform
  • Complete rich media learning modules (learning paths, weekly challenges, videos)
  • Engage with an entire community of peers

Do I qualify?

You should be an independent learner who is NOT enrolled in a traditional education environment like a university, college or high school. You should NOT be a professional already in a job that requires the use of Alteryx Designer.

Your free education license is for 90 days and can be renewed if your eligibility as an independent learner continues.


The program could take 1 month if a learner is dedicated full-time, but it could also take 3 or more months with an hour or two of study per day.

When do I receive my Alteryx Designer license?

After registering, you will receive an Alteryx Designer license the following business day. Start by completing the license request form to the right!

Independent Learner Registration