With the impact of the pandemic on business operations and revenues varying dramatically across industries, one thing remains consistent across the Alteryx Commissioned IDC Infobrief - Businesses across the Gulf are prioritizing the adoption of new business models infused with data-driven actionable insights as digital transformation projects have been accelerated to start much sooner than planned:

  • Despite 30% of organizations in the Gulf reporting revenue decreases by up to 40% due to the impact of COVID-19, over half (58%) are still prioritizing investments in data reliant technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic process Automation (RPA) and Analytics.
  • 53% of CIOs have expedited their transformational initiatives to meet the new needs of their customers and bring in operational agility.
  • 23% of CIOs are investing in technologies such as Data Analytics that enable their organizations to better understand their customer data.

Close to 7,000 customers including 38% of the Global 2000 rely on the Alteryx APA Platform to leverage the massive influx of data cascading in across lines of their business and fast-track their workforce upskilling and digital transformation journey.

Download the newly commissioned IDC Infobrief to see why IDC predicts Analytics-led Process Automation is set to accelerate the transformational efforts of enterprises in the Gulf in 2021.

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David Algranati
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