Alteryx: The 2010 Census Data Engine
Alteryx analytics software provides US Census data users and their organizations with faster and more powerful access to SF1 and SF2 census data for performing data analysis. The software enables its users to make informed decisions with the census data and easily retrieve, report or output the data in popular business formats for fact based analytics and business intelligence. Analytic applications built with Alteryx products help executives make faster, better decisions and identify new market opportunities by bringing together all relevant data including market knowledge, location insight, and internal information (read The Definitive Guide to Strategic Analytics).

The 2010 Census Data Engine that ships with the US Government's July 2012 distribution of US Census 2010 SF1 and SF2 Data Sets is a component of the Alteryx product. The complete Alteryx Strategic Analytics product includes US Census 2010 Data and other third-party packaged data, enabling Data Artisans to rapidly create analytic applications that combine all relevant data.

Download Alteryx Strategic Analytics to upgrade from the Census Data Engine to a high performance analytics tool that enables you to:
  • Integrate your own data with Census information to better locate market opportunities
  • Produce sophisticated output including charts, maps, reports, databases and more
  • Build analytic apps that support specific use cases for a broad range industries such as retail, restaurants, real estate, telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare
  • Turn your analysis into apps for others to consume with our unique cloud platform
  • Incorporate powerful predictive and spatial modeling functions that turn routine demographics and geography into powerful answers that support strategic decisions
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Clear Channel Outdoor has always had the need for research data... and Alteryx has provided this for us in a seamless package, able to use this for clients and deliver research information that makes an impact on our sales every day.

- Andrew Marcus, VP and Director of Research at Clear Channel Outdoor
I overlaid the contours with the census blocks... there are millions of census blocks... but Alteryx handles it fast, efficiently, and I can go back and redo the results, and not spend all week doing them.

- Mark Ulrich, Senior Strategic Planner at CenturyLink
Alteryx Chairman and CEO, Dean Stoecker discusses the 2010 Census Data Engine
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