Data Analysis Skyrockets at Southwest Airlines with Alteryx and Tableau

If you have flown with Southwest Airlines you know that efficiency and timeliness are integral to the experience they deliver. However, just a few years ago, Southwest’s Tech Ops Reliability team was struggling to deliver the same experience internally when it came to analytics. The team found itself in need of a new, yet proven, analytics process that would allow (1) analysts to spend more time doing analysis and less time trying to make outdated applications fit new business needs and (2) management to make better-educated decisions in a timely manner. Alteryx and Tableau made this and more possible.

Watch this webinar as Jesse Luck, Southwest Airlines' Reliability Analyst, shares how his team uses Alteryx and Tableau to:

fully utilize the vast volumes of data they have by using Alteryx to blend, prep, and analyze data and Tableau to then visualize it

power their internal self-service analytics tool, ORION, which provides leadership access to insights on-demand with the help of fully customizable querying tools in the Alteryx Gallery

continually improve upon the way Southwest analyzes data and manages the maintenance program

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Jesse Luck Jesse Luck
Reliability Analyst
Southwest Airlines
Raman Kaler Raman Kaler
Alliance Marketing Manager
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Solutions Engineer