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FSN’s research highlights how CFOs are not yet capitalising on the data analytics revolution. Nearly 80%, are bound to spreadsheets and basic Business Intelligence tools for analytics and data visualisation and, so far, only large businesses with ‘deep pockets’ have ventured into data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So, the key question is how can the finance function best leverage data science? A strong debate rages about whether finance professionals have the requisite skills, where data science fits into existing organisational structures and whether, for example, advanced analytics should be developed in existing finance applications or be sourced by integrating specialised tools. How data-savvy does the finance professional of the future need to be?

For this live 30-minute video-panel debate, kindly sponsored by Alteryx, Gary Simon, Chief Executive FSN, will interview two exceptional individuals and influencers, who are at the leading edge of developments in advanced data analytics and deployment.

Roger Fried is an inspirational finance professional who went back to university mid-career to qualify and practice as a data scientist. With this unique perspective he has become a pre-eminent authority and commentator on the opportunities for data science in the finance function and how these nascent technologies should be deployed. He is currently Senior Director of Analytics Architecture at Optum Health Services. Roger holds a MSc in Predictive Analytics from DePaul University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas.

Ali Tore is a veteran of the analytics industry and has a passion for revolutionising business through data science and analytics. He is currently Senior Vice President of Strategy at Alteryx and previously held senior management positions at Model N, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Ali holds a masters in management science and engineering from Stanford University.

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Gary Simon
FSN - Modern Finance Forum
Roger Fried
Senior Director of Analytics Architecture
Optum Health Services
Ali Tory
Senior VP of Strategy

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