As a marketing analyst, you’re expected to uncover meaningful insight that drives results  —  like gauging the effectiveness of promotions and campaigns, or refining customer segmentation and prospect targeting.

But spending 80% of your time prepping data from social media, marketing automation platforms,, and more keeps you from bigger goals. Instead, you’re grappling with spreadsheets, custom databases, and multiple other siloed sources.

Read the “Why Aren’t Analysts Analyzing?” e-Book and find out how to:

Blend social media, demand generation, sales data, and more in hours, not weeks

Quickly segment and understand customers in new ways, to reach the right customer at the right time


Unlock hidden gems in your data — like geospatial points — to better target your customers


Apply sophisticated techniques like fuzzy matching to remove those tricky non-identical duplicates from your customer marketing database


Put your mundane prep-and-blend tasks on autopilot with repeatable workflows


Have a look at our e-book to learn how to automate the cumbersome parts of your job, so you can get back to analyzing.