Wednesdays, September 12 – October 31
10 am PST | 1 pm EST

Join us for an exciting and comprehensive eight-week training and enablement course on the Alteryx platform. Whether you're making the transition from SQL / Excel to Alteryx or getting ready to do advanced analytics, this series will provide you with a solid foundation to kick start your Alteryx journey.

Become the orchestrator directing disparate data, making it flow together and make sense. Get ready to win your day back – turn weeks of data analysis work in hours of data exploration and modeling.

September 12th

Alteryx Designer 101
This course is geared toward the new Alteryx user. The goal of this course is to demystify Designer, breaking the barrier to better analysis.

September 19th

The Beginner Excel User's Guide to Alteryx
The goal of this course will be to introduce and translate common Excel functions to Alteryx, with a focus on automating these tasks to improve efficiency.

September 26th

The SQL User's Guide to Alteryx
What better follow up to a beginner Excel course than a beginner SQL course? The goal of this session will be to walk through common SQL functions and to gain a better understanding of why we would use Alteryx over SQL in many situations.

October 3rd

The Advanced Excel User's Guide to Alteryx
Now that we've covered the basics, let's move into the really fun stuff! This course will focus on breaking apart a very customized Excel report, extracting just the data so we can take it further.

October 10th

Introduction to Fuzzy Matching in Alteryx
Merging two data sources is quite common. Merging two data sources that aren't exactly the same is even more common. How do we build a process that can automate blending two similar but not exact data sources?

October 17th

Building a Better Analytic App To Enable Everyone Else
Now that we've built a foundation for better analysis, how do we scale this to, well, everyone, regardless of whether or not they have Alteryx Designer?

October 24th

Advanced analytics - Predictive/Prescriptive/Machine Learning
Now that you have great data learn how to leverage the power of Alteryx to do advanced analytic work in Predictive, Prescriptive and Machine learning.

October 31st

Advanced analytics – Geospatial Analytics
Leverage the power of Alteryx to do advanced work in Geospatial analytics, if trade areas, hyper localization , route optimization, distribution, site selection are a part of your analytic practice find out how Alteryx does world class Geospatial analytics.

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Chad Martin Chad Martin
CEO & Founder
Data Prep U

Chad Martin

Chad Martin founded Data Prep U to help analysts of all backgrounds and experience improve their skills dramatically. This was after more than a decade at Alteryx, where he built a strong background in both customer facing and analytic roles. Chad is driven, passionate about problem solving, and truly enjoys presenting clients the best solutions to fulfill their biggest needs -- from the line of business all the way to the CEO.

Ted Werner Ted Werner
Solutions Engineer & SAS Expert       

Ted Werner

Ted Werner specializes in leveraging analytics in data acquisition, data integration, data quality, predictive analytics, machine learning, business intelligence, and visual exploration. Ted worked for SAS for 17 years mostly as a passionate customer advocate helping customers solve business problems as Senior Systems Engineer, Solution Architect, Senior Product Manager, and as a Senior Consultant. Ted has made it his career to teach simplicity so that a wider range of audience will understand the value of the data and analytics which allow customers to see Dollars in the bytes they maintain.

Andy Moncla Andy Moncla
COO & Geo Spatial Expert
BI Spatial

Andy Moncla

Andy Moncla is Chief Operating Officer of B. I. Spatial. Andy has worked with many of the largest retailers and banks over the past 30 years and specializes in Business Intelligence, Spatial Modeling and Customer Segmentation. Since 2005, Andy has focused on solving business questions through the use of Alteryx. With his pioneering spirit Andy is a 5-time Alteryx award winner, including “Best Use of Alteryx for Spatial Analytics” and being designated an Alteryx ACE. His Alteryx certifications include Core and Advanced.