Self-Service Data Analytics: From Spreadsheets to Workflows

Purpose-built, self-service data analytics platforms that feature the ability to prep, blend, and analyze all types and volumes of data are now widely used by data analysts. Join this interactive webinar as we discuss the pros and cons of prepping and blending data using spreadsheets and the workflow-based approach used by modern self-service data analytics platforms.

In this interactive webinar you'll experience the benefits of a workflow environment like transparency and repeatability, and how to utilize a drag-and-drop workflow environment from Alteryx to:


Connect to, cleanse, and join data from multiple sources such as data warehouses, cloud applications, and spreadsheets


Perform analytics – predictive, statistical, and spatial – using the same intuitive user interface


Build a repeatable process to automate time consuming data preparation and analytical tasks

Watch now to learn how to become a self-sufficient data analyst.

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Matthew Madden Matthew Madden
Director, Product Marketing
Gene Rinas Gene Rinas
Sr. Solutions Engineer