Thursday, July 11, 2019
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

San Jose Marriott
301 S Market St,
San Jose, CA 95113
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Tax is inundated with data. With the tax function sitting as one of the largest consumers of data in most organizations—not only core balance-sheet data but also data from other transactional systems—processes need to scale for growth.

If you are ready to start using self-service analytics to streamline the most common tax challenges, you’ll want to attend this hands-on analytics day plus workshop. We’ll take you through leading examples of self-service analytics in action and close out the event walking you through your first analytics workflow.

Reserve your spot and gain access to:

  • Practical applications of using self-service analytics to combine disparate tax data to solve problems and find answers that offer insight and create efficiencies
  • Real life stories of tax professionals who created repeatable processes that allowed them to move past manual data tasks and shorten compliance life-cycles
  • Hands-On Workshop where you will have the opportunity to create your first tax self-service analytics workflow guided by an Alteryx expert

Transform your tax analytics with a solution that allows you to redesign, rediscover, and reimagine.

Event Agenda

1:30 PM
Begin the afternoon with caffeine and snacks before diving right into the modern world of tax and self-service analytics.
2:00 PM
Let the Tax Analytics Revolution Begin
Hear from Quang Nguyen, our Alteryx Director of Tax, on how Alteryx uses Alteryx in tax including calculating R&D credits, computing state apportionment, and more.
2:30 PM
In Real Form: Hear from Tax Professionals
Hear real-life use cases from Alteryx users and learn how automating workflows has allowed them to focus on the overall business strategy and less on day-to-day tasks. Mabelle Panlilio, Sr. Tax Analyst at Adobe will highlight how they have used Alteryx to streamline their Research and Development Credit process. Celine Zhang, Sr. Tax Analyst at Chevron will also discuss their experience with Alteryx on efficiency, performance and documentation.
3:00 PM
Caffeine Pitstop
Grab a beverage and get your laptop ready for the hands-on Alteryx workshop. Ready to push the limits of what you can do with tax data? We are ready too.
3:15 PM
Hands-On Tax Workshop
Drag, drop, and solve right along with us to create your first tax workflow with Alteryx.
5:00 PM
Workshop Concludes



Quang Nguyen
Tax Director
Mabelle Panlilio
Sr. Tax Analyst
Amelia Glum
Sales Engineer

"Alteryx est intuitif et interactif ... a pris moins de 60 secondes pour obtenir la même sortie qui a pris des heures auparavant."


David Algranati
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