Focus on Your Analysis, Not Your SQL Code

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Analysts in the line of business deal with a myriad of time-consuming data preparation and analytic challenges that often require IT or DBA intervention to deliver a requested dataset. Others have taught themselves “enough SQL to be dangerous”, learning the necessary code to extract the data needed to answer their business question. Self-service data analytics empowers these business analysts to take control of the entire analytics process, delivering the necessary results for better business decisions.

Watch now to learn how self-service data analytics allows analysts to:

  • Utilize a drag-and-drop workflow for data and analytic processes without writing code
  • Minimize data movement and ensure data integrity through in-database capabilities
  • Easily work across relational and non-relational databases to deliver faster business results

Self-service data analytics delivers a repeatable process that is transparent to not only business analysts, but also SQL coders and decision makers across the organization.

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Beth Narrish Beth Narrish
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Dan Hilton Dan Hilton
Solutions Architect